Craig Rowland (wrongradical) wrote,
Craig Rowland

New LiveJournal blog

Once again I have exceeded my space limit at LiveJournal. I am amazed that it has lasted up until now, as for the past several months I had been creeping ever so close to the 100% capacity mark. With each new book review cover scan the decimal past 99.0% would increase ever so slightly. Now that I have finally finished decorating my house for Christmas, and found the time to take pictures of it, I am ready to upload my annual Christmas At My House photo show.

Not so fast. All it took was one more photo to bust my space limit. So, as when I was in Cape Town three years ago and had to announce my new LiveJournal at wrongradical2, I mark the time of Christmas 2016 as the beginning of wrongradical3.

If you are interested in reading my journal, with its book reviews, travelogues and occasional whines about my struggles with technology, please join me at wrongradical3.

All three of my LiveJournals are open and do not require you to register with LiveJournal in order to read or comment on them.
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